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Total Blueprint for World Domination - Jolene Stockman Total Blueprint for World is written for teenagers, although from every age people can find something useful in this book.

Before this book i had not had chance to read self help books, but after reading Total Blueprint for World,i was a bit regretful.

You find yourself thinking about your life, your future and what you want. Reading book you feel motivated and confident. She explains her purpose, you feel your motivation increase and feel the change waiting in your door. You understand yourself better, it helps you to draw a path and find ways to reach your target.

Book is not long, it says what is important, show you way and wait for you to just do it.

You can find hints of Jolene's life, you feel a kinship with her and you adapt that motivation to yourself. And you learn not to give up.

"The universe will give you so much more than anything you can dream of"