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Lover Awakened - J.R. Ward it was a good change to read a good book from a good writer. ı cound not help but crying end of the book. After so much severity, despair and unfortunate events things got a good twist for Z. But ı am really sorry Phury.Though i've never believe Bella for him. but ı know his unselfish nature will be awarded and he will find his love.

The book tell us Bella's and Zsadist's story. After Bella got kiddaped, Brotherhood saves her and thing got intimate betweed Z and B. Tohr left after his mate Wenllsie was murdered. John mourning his new found and more newly lost happy home. Phury happy and sad same time because he loves and wants Belle for himself.
Reverend turn out Belle's brother ı am really suprized actually. It was an event ı could not foresee unlike Belle's precnancy. :D

In the end ı got upset, ı laughed, ı cryed and ı mourned with them but it is beautiful to read this series again. Well Butch becomes half vampire ı think but ı am not sure 4. book will tell me. ı am restless :D