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Seven Day Loan (The Original Sinners, #0.5) - Tiffany Reisz I loved this book!
Every aspect captivated me!
The end, Eleanor, characters even small details...
I can't wait to read other books of tiffany.
We read in this book Daniel and Eleanor story.
Eleanor is given to Daniel for a week. Her real master wants to help his friend because he does not go out almost three and half a year. Since his wife died of cancer.
Daniel with help of Eleanor learn to live again, break with the past. I really adored Eleanor. She loves another but want to stay with Daniel...
Just do not expext a happy end for Daniel and Eleanor. I am not saying that they are unhappy now.

By the way eho would guess her real master is a priest!. That is explains why she cant spend time with him much

I received this book from netgalley.