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Lawe's Justice - Lora Leigh The book tell us Lawe and Diane's story(big sister of Rachel) They have known each other and mating more than one year. But Diane crave to be independent. She is a independent womn but Lawe's protective nature is a problem between them.Because of this desire and necessity Lawe stayed away from her but when they see each other again things get complicated.
Diane seeking information abouth Amber's situation, she tires her sources to save her niece in the and they get one step closer the cure and Lawe and Diane reach a compromise LAwwe becomes her partner not her protector.
I love this series, thia book how lora tells their story, when i read i feel their pain, their happiness it is just great that i started to read this books.
I must accept i usually skip second or third sex scenes, it just too much to read them and lora just ascribe a good deal place to this scenes:D
i think last part of the story a bit sudden or what is iti cant find the word for it, but i can say it was not what i would expect how the author reach the happy ending though it was very beautiful :D