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Robinson Crusoe
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The Hobbit, or There and Back Again
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Angels of Darkness - Ilona Andrews, Sharon Shinn, Nalini Singh,  Meljean Brook There were four story and each of them has its own beauty but i cant say i loved them all, except first story.
Nalini'n story is the best.
Third story takes for granted some information i dont know it is belongs to a series or a book but there are references i dont enderstand and it both makes me curious and bored at the same time.
Last story focuses on just two guardian and their mutual past. They solve crime but we actually just read their guilt, hope, fear and other feelings and they dont act as they should. They talk about pain and other stuff but they do not consider them just jump to the love again. Then in the first place, forgiving him was so easy why she left without a trace just a note. Now i saw you and you were alone etc. it just makes me angry.