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Asphodel (The Underworld Trilogy, #1) - Lauren Hammond Story was really weak in the beggining, Persephone acts like a adolescent, though she is five thousand years old goddess. It really made me mad, so immature . But later she becomes better, not that she loses all of her childness.
Hades was like how i expected him to be; charismatic, myterious, smart.
Not in the beggining, but after half of the book i really liked book and story.It wasn't clasical Hades And Persephone, there were some differences. Like her going school and not acting like what was expected of her. There isno't a mature bone in her body.
There was a bit problem with characters and what was expected of them. If you read the book like a normal teenage girl and as not Persephone the book is great, but when you start to read it as Perse , a dissapointment is waiting for you.
I think her just a girl, she doesnt have power other than immortality and bloom some flower, so it was easy but after she falls to underworld, i started to think her as Perse, not that she acted like a goddess, mostly a toddler who could not get a toy she wanted.
Demeter is a dissapointment too, what happened to our mightly Goddess of fertility? I could not see her.
Story ends in an important place, i am really curious about Adonis trouble, i was expecting that though.
It is a short book, if you like this retold myhologic stories about greek mythology, i recommend it but dont keep your expectations up.