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Wide Awake - Daniele Lanzarotta This story started very beautiful but along the way toward the end, something got wrong and it is not that beautiful anymore.Hunter's saying in the final scene" because i love you" is the most artificial thing i can think of right now.it feels like in this scene there is no place for them to have this feelings. And our main character, She is so inmature she takes one step to Hunter and Then she comes back to other guy. Her character chanced along the way and just because she discovered her power hust she has very unfixed decision and feeling state (by the way there was no sufficent explaining about anything in the book)

And i hated her father a person cant be this cold he claim to love her but he just stuck on to hunter. shouldn't her safeth come first, and if Hunter loves her (even if it is artificial)what is wrong with it.?

whatever long story short. i didnt like this book. one other small detail, she just goes where the wind pushes her. She cant accept help, she doesnt try to understand her state it is just frustating.