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Looking for Alaska - John Green Türkçe yorum için:

How will I ever get out of this labyrinth!
This words make the main structure of the book. Of course Miles has a interesting focus on Alaska. In the begginning i really hated this thing he has for her.not healty.İ even thought this is kinda romance book, they will get together and have their happly teen relationship. But book, and of course story tell us more interesting things.
I just wanna say i a bit hated Miles he is totaly a woolgatherer. she says you are cute buti love him. and he is still running after her.She even find Lara for him to focus on another thing.
i laughed so much when they go to her ask how to do it. Oh God! i am still laughing LOL
And i cant remember being more suprizedthan this.death of Alaska. that was shocking for me. Of course i expected some huge thing we were counting back from the begining of the book, but a death were not in my mind. i though when they start to make up,this is it.unfortinately it was not.

by the way i sorted out why she left, there were clues i think i am not alone in that. flowers,white, her confession,her not going to jake...

I really liked this book. Everything was perfect for me.Specially i liked the words author used, things he explained.they make too much sense.