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Cehennemde Aşk Randevuları (The Hollows, #2.5; Otherworld Stories #5.2) - Kelley Armstrong, Lynsay Sands, Lori Handeland There are four stories in this anthology, half of them is predictable (3,4)first other stories, i really enjoyed.
first one, tells a living vampire's life, scheming and planning and sad. This living vampire is hurt by a dead vampire(there is two type) and she is having some trouble about her life style. in the end she lost someething but she opened new doors for her life. if you use some one you really love him or her. there is no happy ending in this story but that makes it more real.

second story, some scientist is shot by a laser and she gains a shape shifting abitiy,(now were but as a person skin adjust itself as a person) she use this to help some friend and live a puppy love after 10 yers. it is a bit funny story, kinda boring sometimes but ı liked it.

third story, there is sooo mush suspence in the story and ı ve felt ı cant take it anymotre but then our semi demon girl and her were love find their way kill the bad guy.

last story is too predictable, when that psychic is middlemaning as satan ı knew tahat by sacrificing virgin is like a double entrande and if they have sex every thing will be alright.it kinda bored me for they stuck the world have to be saved, it is ridiculous, just one man? come on!