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Shaedes of Gray - Amanda Bonilla Türkçe halini okuyun http://kitabisevda.blogspot.com/2012/09/shaedes-of-gray-shaede-assassin-1.html

I really loved this book .Characters, love scenes etc
Main character was really powerful and self-sufficent. I must accept she was sometimes acted stupid but she survived in a world she is not fittingly prepaired. She educates herself and i can love her just for that.
when i was reading book i didnt get bored, but sometimes it was predictable, i dont think author made this knowingly but it didnt lessened the story which she quickly catched what is going on.

I have just one problem. Why everybody wants her? And i didnt like that she has a past withh Ty which we dont know about. I feel for Darian. But she is a bit stupid we must accept. How can she believe she is alone.Of course for a time being she can believe, like 10 years but i dont know, she choose this ignorance i think. She felt safer.
About Xander, I literally hate him. He says, i love you, but he doesn't act accordingly. And about Raif, she was so quick to trust him. Okey he seems like a good Shaede but his royality belongs his king. And He was so willingly to let her take charge of about how things goes.These were the parts i am not confortable with.

She kills Azriel (and why he reminds me Azrael, with his acts and name of course) She takes her revenge and Deliah, that was a real suprize.But liker she said, there is no sense in her actions. Maybe it will maybe in the second book, i read and she and Raif main topic again. by the way i dont like Raif, have no idea why.
Darian is A shaede who turn herself to one by will. And Azriel says he made her then left her. After 100 years alter.She learns there are other Shaedes and they want her to kill her maker. She is only too glad to that.He lied and abandon her. And it is not just shaedes there are so many supernatural thing there. And she is not a normal shaede. She is key to some powerful apocalypse and there is her loved djinn Ty. She loves her but until the end of the book she cant even confess to herself.
Oh real bear hug scenes was funny
And she was again so stupid to realize that bear was real Ty Stupid with a S!!