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Wicked Weekend - Gillian Archer I really loved this book , so funny and gripping, and has a good stance at familly affairs.

It was Jamie(Dom)and Lauren's (sub) meeting story.

Lauren has a crush her coworker but unfortunately she is the agent of her sister and this coworker meeting, now they getting ready to marry and Lauren feels deppressed. But the unexpected happens and a sexy Dom makes an apperance and suggest her a fling.

What i liked about this book is Jamie's imagination and his barter with Simon and of couse how he approaches her.

About Lauren she know was she getting herself into, i liked most about herthat she is new but, she is not unaware.

The story is about bdsm, but it is not heavy, no public scenes or sharing, mostly two person find their love. Quite fluent.

End of story was really beautiful, his imaginary shows off again.