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Billionaire's Proposition (Dynasties: The Elliotts, #1) - Leanne Banks well I am in love with this series. Every book getting better and better, except you don't count where ı just wanted to strangle Gallon. He acts like a boy, cant decide anything, so immature, in the end he finds the right way but so much pain for Erica.I just wanted to kill him. Bloody.
Gallon is an editor like Erica they got involved sexually. They keep it secret until gossips react their ear that they had been seen, Gallon says it is bad publishy and we must end this .
After one year he comes and ask her work for Pulse. they got involved again(and this is the place ı had fit of hysterics why after you spit, you try to make better of it) then he pulls the very same shit and Erica leaves Pulce her heart broken . Then he decides he cant be without her and he purpose. Happly ever after.
But what about heartache. I cant understand how she quickly gets better and forget the pain. Revenge is a necesity in this situation. whatever.
I am mad at the forgiveness part but except that it was such a good book. now ı am gonna read two.