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DARK SIDE OF VALOR by SINGLETON, ALICIA M ( Author ) ON Feb-07-2012, Paperback - ALICIA M SINGLETON Türkçe yorumu buradabulabilirisiniz
What a amazing novel!

I really do not know how to describe this book, it is sad, funny, moving, captivating, romantic even venemous

Our main character is a total publicspirited person, helps childen, even buy foods for a total stranger. Lelia is like a trouble magnet, wherever she is it finds her, first she cames across with Zeek, then gets kidnapped, president Deng, Mabadu... but she never looses her spirit, her desire to help, her faith.

Every day she is eaten by guilt of her dear friend's death. As for Elijah, he is full of revenge. This two person find each other and heal each other, they are not the same persons after this dangerous journey anymore.

This book deals with serious subjects but it does not lose that fun streak. It really helps to soft a person's heart.

Second book really has a special place in my heart. I love jungle scenes, not so much"i love you" and revelation parts though.

I loved romance, Lelia's past, her present, even her future. I loved her spirit second part of the book reminded me a bit harlequin books. the end feels a bit exaggerated. The sudden apparation of Asha feel a bit unnatural.

I must accept i have never thought about runaways before this book, did not have any idea why a person, a child would leave their home. It was very eye opening. After this inital shock we see two child's fight of survival and death of one. Whole book, even romance, established on this part, Joella.

After eleven years of this event we see Leile helps runaway kids, help them to find their families but a job leads her to get kidnapped.her loved ones are ftal danger and she has no hope for surviving it alive.But she does not give up fight, with help of a woman and two men she escapes. she finds herself in a jungle and danger is still around her.

Elijah... she should afraid of her attraction to him as he is the one who has secret plans for her.

I win Dark Side Of Valor from Goodreads Giveway.

Thank You Alicia.