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Slave  - Sherri Hayes A bit too long, too many panic attacks and so painful past.I loved this book, and cover...

Brianna is a girl abused by her Dom. She is a slave.When this situation comes Stephan's notice he buys her, he wants to help her it is in his blood.

It is not an easy job, she is scared, just a shell. She can not decide even most minimal things.

After Stephen's diligent work everything looks good, hopefully.

While i was reading book, time to time i was bored, not because story but detailed situation telling. And the book has no climax in the end, like a story part in the middle. After book ended i was still waiting for a conclusion, but no. Thought it is not affected me as i liked more, if she got throughly well story would stay basic for me. By the way there are sexual indications but no real intercourse.

Stephen is really a sweet heart, so giving and kind,genereous. Even after he understands somethings there is no change of mind. He respect her life that was really beautiful and saddening.

The most funny thing in the book where Stephen talks his trainer and he was gay. The trainer was lusting after him. This scene was really hilarious for me.

"Shaking my head, I finished my workout.I was not sure if i should be flattered or cringe at the fact that my personal trainer was very obvously attracted to me."