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Robinson Crusoe
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A Brush of Darkness (Abby Sinclair, Book 1) - Allison Pang Abby,Brystion
this book was really great. i liked romance, adventure though it took them enough time to understand they are in the paintings. predictable. he has his agenda i was right but it can be forgivable. i dont understand why he left her though.İ am waiting a relationship with the prince. it would be interesting. i am wondering his story.I loved the part which they have sex the author put them in a bundle of cloud that scenes was just that great depicted, imagined and told.
there is a unicorn in this book :D i really liked him. interesting character or pet :D
she lose her mother and her dance carier when she had an acciden a farie princess makes her touchstone and then disappear.Abby discover unlike other she can touchstone with a specialitiy, she is a key touchstone and key touchstone more than one several actually. in last count it was 4. princes' old TS gets angry power hungry. prison people to painting but when abby got kidnapped and put in, she save her several friend and Brystion' sis.