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Renklerden Moru - Alice Walker Celie's story
she is raped by her father(later we learn her stepfather) she got married with Mr___ to take care of house, kids etc.

it was really interesting book.what can i say i really dont know.
i must start with Shug i guess because everything started with her. she doesnt afraid to give her love. She is selfish i hated when she says her young man to celie, "He will broke my heart more than i broke yours. dont leave me." I wanted to strangle her there.
i think celie's sister nellie, her adventure, marriage, her kids is what made Celie live after Shug's annocement.
i am very suprized abouth Mr___'s change. i wonder being alone made this or Shug's affection for the Celie.

Their talking about God, love everything makes you think. i think everybody can find in this book a piece of themselves.
Mr____ 's purple frog was really funny and i am not entirely suprized that he wants to marry with her again but no.

Her meeting with her sis, they are a huge family now, pain stays in the past or i see it that way